Unloading Help

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Get the best unloading help in the industry with Ant Hill Moving Labor

 Prices starting at $130 for the 1st 2 hours

The end of your move is in sight! You’re driving up to your new home and you can’t wait to park. Then it dawns on you though, you have to unload the moving truck. Have no fear because we provide the best unloading help. Our movers are fresh and ready to provide unloading help. Not to mention our unloading help has done thousands of unloads just like yours. With thousands of success stories, we look forward to having you be another success story.

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 Why Ant Hill Moving Labor Provides The Best Unloading Help


  • Licensed and Insured Unloading Help – When it comes to quality moving labor, you can never be too careful. The moving company you decide to go with can make or break your move. That’s why the professional movers at Ant Hill Moving Labor provide licensed and insured unloading help. It allows us to help make your move an easy one. Our movers have successfully unloaded thousands of trucks, portable storage containers with 100% success rate. In the event that furniture is damaged while unloading, we have you covered. If the damage is our fault you’re covered .60 on the pound. Ask us for further details.
  • Professional Equipment come with the movers - Our Movers provide the best tools and dollies to ensure you don’t have any additional costs. This also allows the movers to carry the equipment they feel is the most qualified for the job. In addition, we offer to put your furniture together. This is an included service with no additional cost.
  • Ant Hill Moving Labor Does This Seven Days A Week- The professional movers at Ant Hill moving labor do this professionally day in and day out. Which means you never get weekend movers. We also take the time make sure that each mover that is in your home is background checked every 6 months and is regularly drug screened to ensure only the highest quality movers are in your home.

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