Packing Help

Packing help

Need packing help? Get the best with Ant Hill Moving Labor

Prices starting at $130 for the 1st 2 hours

At the start of any move, packing is where it all begins. However if you take a look at your house right, trying to pack up every thing you own into each individual box, labeling them and getting them to a convenient place that the movers can load them up the following day can take days or sometimes WEEKS when doing this by yourself. Not to mention, if you get family and friends to help can you honestly say that they will pack your valuables like you would? At Ant Hill Moving Labor, our movers treat your possessions like they are our own. The moving crews take the time to hand wrap each glass individually and ensure that everything is broken down and ready for moving day. Here are some of the things your can anticipate from our professional packing helpers:

  • Licensed and Insured Packing Help- Unlike the “other guys”, the professional packers at Ant Hill Moving Labor have years of experience and at least 10,000 moves performed successfully under their belt. When the bigger companies get in a jam, they call in the heavy guns from Ant Hill Moving Labor to finished the jobs. Due to the fact that we are a professional moving labor company, many companies hire us directly and charge the customer more money to use our services. You’ve doing the right thing by hiring us directly because now you get the best professional packers in Southern California at a lower price.
  • Well trained, well informed packers-  Don’t know how many boxes to get? Don’t know how much bubble wrap to buy? Don’t worry because Ant Hill Moving Labor will make sure that you have plenty of packing supplies. In addition, our movers will refer you to the places with the lowest prices on packing supplies in the area.
  • The right material to make sure your move goes perfect - At Ant Hill Moving Labor, our packers bring their own dollies and tools to make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our movers will take apart your furniture for you and prep it in a way that will ensure the following day of loading and unloading will be a breeze.