Loading Help

Loading help, Truck loading help, portable storage loading help

Get the best loading help for your truck or portable storage container.

Prices starting at $130 for the 1st 2 hours

Moving is never an easy situation when you’re trying to do it yourself. No matter if you’re renting a truck or getting a portable storage container, having some extra muscle who knows what they’re doing can do wonders. That’s why at Ant Hill Moving Labor, we provide professional loading help. No matter if you’re looking to get a few items moved around your house or if you’re planning a full move, the experienced moves at Ant Hill Moving Labor are here to help. Our loading helpers make your move as stress free as possible. All of our movers have gone through a rigorous training program, are background checked and drug tested before they set foot in your home.  Our loading help crews are able to get more into a rental truck and portable storage container than the average consumer. The best part is that we’ll be able to load it professionally and safely to ensure that your items will be safe.

Why Ant Hill is the best loading help for you :

Licensed and insured moving labor When you working with Ant Hill Moving Labor, we stand by our profession. That means that you won’t get day labor or weekend movers like some other companies. All of our movers have been working with us for years and have done thousands of successful jobs. This makes Ant Hill Moving Labor the best loading help option. 

  • Common household tools for dis-assembly- When you’re packing up your home, often times tools sometimes get packed before the movers arrive. Rest assured though included in our pricing each one of our loading teams come equipped with basic household tools such as screw drivers, power drills, Allan keys and more. 
  • Appliance Dollies and floor dollies: Did you know that some rental truck companies charge as much as $40 dollars to use their dollies for your move? Luckily the professional movers at Ant Hill Moving Labor carry all of the latest appliance and floor dollies to help move the heavy furniture up and on the truck or portable storage container.

Did you forget to buy rope of furniture straps? Don’t worry because Ant Hill Moving Labor has you covered. We offer all the supplies you’ll need to make sure loading a portable storage container or rental truck will be a very easy experience.

A few other companies you may need after our loading help is done:

Rusty Nail Renovations is our North County Handyman recommendation. Mike will fix everything under one roof. Look to Rusty Nail Renovations for home improvement needs.

Standard Cleaning Services is our local cleaning service. They provide quality move out cleanings. This is a service that should be done after the loading help has left.